WBMS Principal Announces Resignation

Dear Willie Brown families and students:


I am proud of the work that we have been able to do in our short two years together, and I want to let you know that I am leaving my position as principal of Willie L. Brown, Jr. Middle School at the end of the summer to explore future opportunities. It is has been nothing short of an honor to be called upon to help assist a school with such potential. We still have lots of work to do as a school community, and I am comfortable that we have started something that is achievable and noteworthy. Even though the school will have a new principal, the remainder of our leadership team plans to return to Willie Brown. Ms. Mary Weese and Ms. Malea Fuentes, assistant principals, are committed to returning to the school to ensure a successful transition. The grade level counselors and most of the faculty will return for the coming school year as well.


It’s been a rewarding and inspiring experience leading San Francisco’s newest middle school. Together, we’ve experienced the challenges and the rewards opening a new school, and we’ve worked together to mold the school’s vision to the unique needs and wants of the Willie Brown community. In our short time together we already established some really neat traditions:

  • Our seventh grade students will continue to have tech-based mentors, thanks to the Spark program and our generous donors.  

  • Our students have created their own robots and learned to code under the guidance of Mr. James Robertson and Ms. Julia Maynard, whose programs will continue to grow.  

  • Our show choir, The Pride of WB, will continue to take center stage under the direction of Mr. Eldridge Swiff Anthony.  

  • Our girls’ basketball team will continue to awe the city with their talent and discipline under the expertise of the WB athletic director, Ms. Edinburgh.  

  • Our sixth graders will continue to explore our area colleges and universities due to the resources garnered by Ms. Tachelle Herron.

  • Our school will continue to receive dental screenings, mental, and physical health services from our Health and Wellness Center.

  • Lastly, our students will continue to benefit from fun activities organized by Ms. Cody.

Next school year, the Willie Brown team is excited to take our instructional program even further in a new partnership with New Tech Network (NTN), a California design partner that’s helping schools nationwide create innovative learning environments with project-based, deeper learning for students. Team of teachers have already begun to dive into this work with site visits, conference participation, and brainstorming sessions.


Though the new principal has not been selected yet, my colleagues in the school district offices are committed to ensuring that a quality leader takes the helm at WBMS. Initial screenings have taken place and once qualified finalists have been selected, we are excited to engage you, the community, in the final selection.


Thank you for affording me the privilege of serving you and your child.


Warm regards,  

Bill Kappenhagen


Posted by: Maricella Miranda Published:4/26/17
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