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SFUSD Enrollment Deadlines

Visit the SFUSD Enrollment website for more information about enrollment deadline dates:

How Do I Apply?

SFUSD is a choice system, which means any student can apply to any school within the District. Applying for school in SFUSD involves three steps:

Discover: Read about the age and residency requirements; explore as many school/program options as possible. Check out the “How to Find a School” section for more tools to help you with your search.

Apply: Fill out an SFUSD general enrollment application form listing the schools in the preference order. Then gather all the necessary documents. Check out the “What You Need to Apply” section for a list of acceptable proofs. Submit your application form, along with all the necessary proofs, by the deadline to the Educational Placement Center.

Enroll: After you receive your assignment letter, you are encouraged to go register at the assigned school to secure your seat. After registering, you may still participate in further assignment rounds for your higher-ranked choice schools. More information at

About Our School

At Willie Brown Middle School, students develop the foundational skills and beliefs needed to successfully pursue college and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our students use technology as a tool to explore their identities, expand their possibilities, and be of service to others. Learn more about our school.

Student Testimonials

Tyrin, 6th-grader at WBMS
“I’m proud that I learned coding in a short amount of time. Now, I can do more stuff on the computer than I could before.” -- Tyrin, 6th-grader at Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School

Justin, 7th-grader at WBMS
“My dad heard about Willie Brown Middle School. At that time, Willie Brown wasn’t even built. It was a metal structure. When I first went to see the school it was covered in plastic. I didn’t know much about it. But my dad said, ‘Willie Brown is going to be a new school, we should try it.’ It’s new -- why wouldn’t anyone want to try it? I listed it as my first choice. Now I’m going to be the first class -- that’s pretty good. I like that.” -- Justin, 7th grader at Willie L. Brown Middle School

“In Robotics, we’re making a freight elevator. I’m really proud of that because my code is pretty good. I accomplished it early, and the build looks really nice too! Our school is like any school, except for the different classes we take. I like learning things that you wouldn’t learn at other middle schools, like robotics and app design. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer, a physical therapist, or a dialysis technician. I’m applying for internships at the California Academy of Sciences and the San Francisco Zoo. It’s going to look good on my resume.” -- Apollo, 7th-grader at Willie L. Brown Middle School

Tours and Visits

School tours are weekly at 9:30 on Tuesdays. To schedule a school visit, call 415-642-8901.

Why Enroll at WBMS

  • New partnership in school year 2017-18 with New Tech Network to create innovative and deeper project-based learning 
  • Enhanced project-based learning for 6th-graders in fall 2017
  • Specialized classes with pathways for computer science, robotics and science
  • Students who attend WBMS for 3 years have their pick of any San Francisco public high school (excluding Lowell High School and School of the Arts, which have different admission criteria)
  • Students in grades 7-8 can participate in Spark Bay Area, where they’ll partner with professional mentors in STEM fields
  • Newest San Francisco public middle school with a state-of-the-art building that opened in 2015
  • STEM electives including Automation and Robotics, Competitive Robotics, Programming/ Web design
  • Health and Wellness Center on campus serving student needs
  • Sports program offering teams for baseball, softball, girls and boys basketball, girls and boys soccer, volleyball, girls and boys track and field
  • Explore! after-school program available for students to continue learning