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Willie Brown Middle School

2055 Silver Ave.,

San Francisco, CA 94124


Office: 415-642-8901 

Absences: 415-642-8901 



School Day Hours:

M/T/W, 8:10am -3:00pm

Th/Fr. 8:10am - 1:30pm


Beacon Extended Learning

M/T/W, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Th/Fr. 1:30pm - 6:00pm


Office Hours:

7:45 am - 4:00 pm


Building Hours with Supervision:

8:00 am -6:00 pm

Our Staff

Contact Charleston Brown  Charleston Brown Principal
Contact Malea Mouton-Fuentes  Malea Mouton-Fuentes Assistant Principal
Contact Mary Weese  Mary Weese Assistant Principal
Main Office
Contact Rebecca Loh  Rebecca Loh School Secretary
Counseling Office
Contact Lydia Ma  Lydia Ma 6th/7th Grade Counselor
Contact Raymond Sutton  Raymond Sutton Counselor
Contact Christine Tejuco  Christine Tejuco 8th Grade Counselor
Health & Wellness
Contact Amber Goldman  Amber Goldman Wellness Coordinator
Contact Julie Mcelhatton  Julie Mcelhatton Nurse
Contact Randy Berner  Randy Berner Staff
Contact Michelle Cody  Michelle Cody Teacher
Contact Dylan Reed  Dylan Reed Teacher
Contact Noelle Bidegainberry  Noelle Bidegainberry Teacher
Contact Alexander Crisel  Alexander Crisel Teacher
Physical Education
Contact David Braund  David Braund Teacher
Contact Hannah Manetta  Hannah Manetta Teacher
Contact Felipe Segovia  Felipe Segovia Teacher
Computer Science, Robotics & Engineering
Contact Jonathan Jacobson  Jonathan Jacobson Teacher
Contact James Robertson  James Robertson Computer Science & Robotics
Music & Art
Contact Gloria Andres-Newman  Gloria Andres-Newman Computer Science & Art
Contact Benjamin Koscielak  Benjamin Koscielak Teacher
Contact Nancy J Obregon  Nancy J Obregon Teacher
African American Male Achievement
Contact Roson East  Roson East Teacher
Peer Resources
Contact Oscar Cardenas  Oscar Cardenas Teacher
Special Education
Contact Derrick Bologna  Derrick Bologna Teacher
Contact Yvette J Norman  Yvette J Norman Teacher
Contact Julius Shipman  Julius Shipman Staff
Contact Diane Carter  Diane Carter Staff
Contact Astrid DelCid  Astrid DelCid Staff
Contact Paula O Ramirez  Paula O Ramirez Staff