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Student Government

Student Elections

American flagStudents who are interested in making Willie Brown Middle School a better school community for students should consider running for Student Government. All Student Officers will help develop the Constitution of the Willie Brown Middle School Student Association of San Francisco.


The roles of officers we elect include:


  • Chairperson of the student council
  • Ex-officio member of all special and standing committees
  • Be accountable for all business brought before the student council

Vice President:

  • Execute the duties of the President when absent
  • Assist the the President with Presidential duties
  • Chair the HoR meetings for the College Prep Representatives

Activities Director: 

  • Ex-officio Chairperson of the dance committee
  • Liaison for Student Clubs
  • General supervision over all social activities and entertainment


  • With the assistance of the Student Council Advisor will
  • Manage the money collected from dances and other fund raising drives
  • Shall Prepare the budget for the school year

Student Body Secretary

  • Shall keep correct minutes of the meeting of the student council & student cabinet
  • Shall Read minutes and present them for inspection to any member of the student body
  • Shall keep a History of the Student Body activities and support the development of the yearbook

Contact Us

Student Government Advisor

Michelle Cody:

Join WBMS Student Government

Students who wish to run for any office must pick up a nomination form from Ms. Cody in A104. They will need the approval of their homeroom teacher, three additional subject teachers, and their parent/guardian.

The petition must be signed by 30 students who are willing to support their candidacy.  A student who runs for office must be in good standing for the school year. They must maintain 2.0 and receive no F’s or U’s.

Candidates will prepare a short 2 minute speech to be delivered at an assembly so that they may present their platforms to the students.

Thank you for your support of student government, Student Government Advisor Michelle Cody